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Mattia Giorgietti
Piero Pallotta
Claudio Parente

Guitarist, keyboardist, actor, director and theater entrepreneur

Born into an artistic family, his father was an actor and director and his mother, an actress. Mattia Giorgetti’s artistic career evolved over the years and blossomed, above all, in the world of theater. Currently known by the stage name of “Mattia Sebastian” he is Associate Director at the “I-SCOT International Suzuki Company of Toga”. He graduated in the 1970s at the G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan in Electronic Composition (with studies in traditional composition, piano and classical guitar).

He joined the band “Emisfero Boreale” as a guitarist a few months after the birth of the group and he remained in the band until the breakup in 1993, contributing with his Roland GR-500 to the group’s distinctive ’80s sound and atmosphere. After the musical experience with “Emisfero Boreale”, he concentrated exclusively on the theater.

Drummer, composer and keyboardist

His musical career began as a drummer: from 1974 to 1978 he played with the band “SCC” which performed throughout Lazio as support for more famous groups, such as the “Pooh”, in numerous live shows and venues including the famous “Piper” in Rome.

In 1978 he moved to Milan mainly working as a shift worker. In 1982 he joined the group “Emisfero Boreale”, where he stayed until 1993. After a few years of learning the ropes, and taking part as a guest on Banana Joker’s first solo album, in 2004 Piero Pallotta founded his own recording studio, the “Magic Studio”, and also played keyboards on various musical projects. In 2019 he met and began working with bassist and singer “Frank Del Giudice”, former lyricist and collaborator of Franco Califano and Patty Pravo. This led to the recording of the single “Back to Age”. In 2020 his solo album “Mirage” was released, still with Frank Del Giudice’s contribution as bassist. The album is distributed by “Cut Recording” and is available on all major streaming channels. He plans to release a new solo album in 2023 and participate in the eventual new album by Emisfero Boreale.

Singer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and music, artistic and record producer

Musically formed in Milan, he attended the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in his youth and, subsequently, began his career as a singer performing in major European countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria and Italy with his own successful bands, including “Babylon”.

In 1982 he joined the group “Emisfero Boreale” as a singer and recorded some pop rock songs (including “Rumours from the sky”). He also took part in various television broadcasts on private Italian networks.

In 1985 he returned to Australia, where he soon established himself as a respected session man and musician. In Melbourne he attained one of the greatest successes of his career winning the “Festival della Canzone Italiana d’Australia” in 1985 with the song “Capire” of which he is also the author.

The victory at the festival opened many doors to Claudio Parente’s job prospects in Australia, as well as in other nations of the Pacific area and in the United States. Claudio Parente’s career progressed through an intense television, concert, radio, and recording activity, and highlighted by an appearance in the television series “Mission Impossible”.

In the meantime he recorded the album “Profumo Italiano” (1986) which was a “bestseller” for some years in Australia. In 1987 he was a guest singer of Emisfero Boreale in the making of “Future is Bright”. Claudio Parente’s standing in the music world was elevated in the following years thanks to a multitude of very important performances by him and his band in Australia, New Zealand and in Southeast Asian countries, at major music events in Canada, and by his assiduous local television presence.

In 1998, together with his intense recording and live shows, he also embarked on the music and record producing path via the Melbourne label “Clap Records & Promotions”, which also encompassed discovering of new musical talent. In the same year Claudio Parente creates the show, “A Tribute to Julio Iglesias”, which will attain large-scale success in Australia. The show will be repeated for over two years in New Zealand, Formosa, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Popular China and in which Australian singer Carmen Howe participates. In the same year he releases an album containing the original versions of “A Tribute to Julio Iglesias”.

In spring 2002 Claudio Parente was engaged in a long tour of South-East China, meeting with great success among critics and audiences. In recent years, Claudio Parente’s work revolves around record producing and organizing artistic events, the most important of which was the “Australian Original Italian Song Festival” which Claudio created and directed in the 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 editions. More information is available on the “Clap Records & Promotions” website.