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Chiche Sosa
William Marino
Teodoro Romero Escudero
Amerio Pace

Guitarist, composer

Born in Argentina, he taught himself to play the guitar at a very young age.
In 1978 he started playing with various groups in Buenos Aires: Moby Dick, Väl Dragon, Don Gato and others. In 1985 he moved to Spain, initially to Ibiza, playing with IBZ II, Daniel Melingo, Safe in Moscow (Hard-Rock), Dennis Herman and Jipsy Rock.
In 1990 he went to Barcelona and began collaborating with Pedro Bruque, Tràfic, Enric Hernáez (singer), Marga Bufí (fusion-Pop). He was later on tour with the legendary group “The Platters”; in 1996 he played for a certain period with the rap-fusion group Misión Hispana participating in the International Latin-Jazz Festival in Havana (Cuba).
After returning to Spain he played with Uge, Juanes and Raimundo Amador, with the acid-Jazz band of Mothergroove, the reggae group James Kakande, the Clandestinos (Pop-Rock), Founderground (Funk), L4 Red (Rock) led by Pedro Andréu, drummer by the Héroes del Silencio and in the Monkayo band by Chus Fernandez.
He has appeared on numerous television programs with artists including Anastacia, Vonda Shepard, Paulina Rubio, Ismael Serrano, Marc Owen, Gloria Estéfan and Juan Luis Guerra.

Guitarist, composer, music producer, music professor

He was born in Milan in 1956 into a family involved in music for five generations. He graduated in “Electronic Music Composition” at the “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milan. At the end of the 1970s / early ’80s he is credited as one of the most popular Italian guitarists, and composer and musician of electronic music, much acclaimed for his innovative techniques in musical sounds and experimentation. In this period he developed a keen interest in Italian and foreign recording world labels which materialized in many productions and collaborations with artists like Mina and Brian Auger, leading to the creation of “OK Run” by Sandy Marton.

He subsequently embarked on important musical projects including the European version of the soundtrack of the American television miniseries on ABC, “The Thorn Birds”.

He has had numerous collaborations with avant-garde musical groups and has also created several bands during his extensive artistic career. Today, William Marino is a producer, composer, musician, music teacher, sound designer and expert in the creation and adaptation of audio-visual products within different forms of multimedia communication.


He studied classical percussion at the authorized center of the “Teruel Conservatory”, as well as jazz and modern music at the “Zaragoza Jazz Workshop” with teachers Jesús Fandos, Pablo Posa, Jimmy Weinstein, Pedro Vega, Trilok Gurtu, Tino di Geraldo, Lino Neira. He also studied at the “Higher Art Institute” of Havana in 1997.
After playing the drums in various events and shows of the Government of Aragon and other institutions, he was a percussionist for four seasons on a tour throughout Spain with the show “Jazz Pa’Ti”. He subsequently participates in the festivals of Zaragoza, Tortosa, Borja, Pau, Pyrenees Jazz Festival, Percuba Percussion Festival in Havana, accompanying, among others, great jazz artists.
He is subsequently touring with Eliades Ochoa, Rudy Vistel’s Latin Band, Ludmila Mercerón, New Titanic Arkestra, Monkayo. He is currently dedicated to the “Teo y sus Lazarillos” project and is preparing material for what will be the group’s second album.
At the same time he lectures on African and Latin percussion in collaboration with various entities. He has collaborated on several albums including: “Nevda Jazz” by Monkayo, “El Nacimiento” by the band Teo y sus Lazarillos and “Malamente” by Bumbury.

Guitarist, singer, composer, lyricist, poet, writer and literary editor

He began his musical journey in the late ’70s as a guitarist and songwriter.
In 1985 he participated in the “Festival di Sanremo” as the author of the song “Sul mare” performed by Antonella Ruggiero (lead singer of Matia Bazar).
In 1996 he released the single “Pioggia Acida” for “Ultimo Piano Records” which was followed by the album “Tutto in ordine nel disordine” released in 1998 by “Ultimo Piano Records” for NOYS Columbia. Subsequently he devoted himself mainly to publishing through “Atì Editore”, writing and publishing several books.