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Alberto “Pepè” Petrossi
Enrico Ferraresi
Nicola Calgari
Chus Fernandez
Banana Joker

Bass player, arranger and artistic producer

Co-founder of the “Collettivo di iniziativa musicale”, he joined “Emisfero Boreale” a few months after its creation and played in the band until its breakup in 1993. He later became mainly interested in editorial and artistic production, participating as a bassist on a few occasions. He actively took part in the coordinating the “reunion” of “Emisfero Boreale” and played bass on the new album – “Pulsazioni”.

Drummer, percussionist, music producer and music professor

Over the years he has been deeply involved in music played with and for numerous artists including: Garbo, Giuni Russo, Gianni Togni, Alice, Pierangelo Bertoli, Ivano Fossati, Gianluca Grignani, Novecento, Andrea Bocelli, Delta V, Cristiano Malgioglio, Alberto Fortis, Bnario. He has also played blues, r&b and soul with artists such as: Arthur Miles, Leonard Johnson, Ronnie Jones, Dave Baker, Bettye Lavette, Jim Suhler, Barbara Carr, Andy Just and many others.
He has also written music for RAI, Mondadori, the Veronesi Foundation etc and is very active as a session musician and teacher.

Saxophonist, composer, music and artistic producer, music entrepreneur

He played with and for numerous artists, like Alberto Camerini, Treves Blues Band, Eros Ramazzotti, Ivano Fossati, Cooper Terry, Matia Bazaar. For 20 years, between the 1980s and the 2000s, his BIPS and Hammill recording studios were a point of reference for the Milanese music scene. He was producer and editorial consultant with EMI, Sony Music, Voxpop, UPR, Discomagic. He currently lives and works in Switzerland and works between Switzerland and Germany, is associated with Soundrays Studio (Berlin), manages publishing with Applied Arts Music and Winter Ticino s.a. and recently published “Nicola Calgari Quartet – Ricordiamoci del futuro” with Enrico Intra as guest.

Bass player, author of musical and theatrical shows, organizer of music festivals

He started in Spain in 1970 playing with various groups such as La Murga, Soukouma, Geno Washington; he subsequently played in the American company of the musical “Hair” and then in the musical “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. In 1974 he joined the Franklin group and recorded the “Life Circle” LP with them.
In 1977 he moved to Italy and joined the Latin jazz group “Gemala”, worked as a session player and collaborated with RAI for the music of the Orfei Circus as well as with various groups.
In 1986 he returned to Spain and was the bassist for singer-songwriter José A. Labordeta until 1992. Later he was part of various groups including Monkayo, Funk Box and New Titanic Arkestra and in this period he collaborated on many albums including a tribute album to “Cifu” (AKA Juan Claudio Cifuentes) and at numerous jazz festivals. He was artistic director of the “Jazz Teruel” Festival from 2003 to 2007 and from 1997 and is currently Artistic Director of the “Borja en Jazz” Festival. He’s been living and working in Spain for many years now.

Guitarist, keyboardist, composer, lyricist and music producer

In 1977 Banana Joker founded the “Collettivo di iniziativa musicale”, and then in 1978, the band “Emisfero Boreale” in which he played until 1993, while composing almost the entire repertoire of the group.
He subsequently embarked on a solo career, as well as composing for other artists, collaborating for several years with Claudio Parente’s “Clap Records & Promotions” in Australia and releasing some solo albums with his record label. In the same period he also wrote pop songs for several Italo-Australian singers including: Mauro Soli, Rennie Ozzimo, Franca Arena and Sonia Cucinotta.
In addition to coordinating the “reunion” of “Emisfero Boreale” and making the album “Pulsazioni”, he is working on a new solo album that should be released shortly after the Emisfero Boreale album.