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Recording Studio


Emisfero Boreale has entrusted the final mixing of the songs and the mastering of the album “Pulsazioni” to the New Mastering Studio and to Maurizio Giannotti who, with Nicola Calgari, was once part of the legendary BIPS, the recording studio in which Emisfero Boreale made its own productions of the ’80s.

Since 1990 the studio has specialized in “Audio Mastering for CDs and Vinyl” collaborating with artists, independent labels, record companies and music magazines. The mission of “New Mastering Studio” consists in respecting the artist’s work, obtaining a result with a perfect use of the best analog and digital technologies while maintaining reasonable prices.
Currently the studio can also carry out mastering and/or mixing online. Among the numerous clients of the studio are: Alberto Camerini, Alice, Cristiano Malgioglio, Walter Calloni, Stefano Cerri, Fiordaliso, Bluvertigo, Radio Londra, Radio Popolare, Sony Music, Marcella Bella, Matia Bazar, Milva, Dan Balan, Nino D’Angelo, Paola Folli, Pupo, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Rosanna Fratello, Tiziano Ferro, Renato Franchi and His Band, Aida Cooper, Elliott Sharp, Franco D’Andrea, Guido Manusardi, Le Masque, Long Song Records, Groove (magazine), Kapolinea, Mariposa, Prozac +, Punkreas, R D B, Under Pressure, Under Tone, Wallace Records, Warner Brothers.